Is My Child Dyslexic?

Am I?

How Do I Know? We are here to guide you through the first steps of identifying dyslexia. REMEMBER! Many younger children may present some of the following, but may 'grow out of them'. It is the number and continuation of these difficulties that is important.

identifying dylexia

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may need our specialist help.


  • Is he or she bright but seems to experience 'blocks'?
  • Does he or she have difficulty remembering or carrying out sequential instructions?
  • Can he or she answer well orally but have difficulty writing ideas?


  • Did he or she walk late?
  • Did he or she talk late?
  • Was his or her speech clear?


  • Does he or she have diifficulty with reading, spelling or letter formation?
  • Does he or she reverse letters or numbers? for example - "16" for "61", "b" for "d" or "was" for "saw"?
  • Does he or she have poor attention or concentration?
  • Does he or she sometimes appear lazy or unable to listen?
  • Does he or she find any sort of copying difficult?
  • Does he or she copy each individual letter rather than the whole word?
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